Online supply chain sustainability solution for sustainable fashion brands showing the real CO2 emissions of your supply chain instead of benchmarks

of your CO2 emissions are in the supply chain.
According to the World Economic Forum, these are the so-called "Scope 3" emissions.
According to McKinsey
has no idea how to handle this
According to a McKinsey study, 70% of purchasing directors have no idea which suppliers are responsible for the largest emissions

With FashionChain, another step closer to a fully sustainable supply chain.

Working with accurate data

FashionChain will provide estimated insights on carbon emissions. Suppliers can refine these estimates by linking their carbon accounting platform or uploading primary data.

Integrated with your tools

By integrating FashionChain with your current supply chain platforms, customers and their suppliers can easily exchange real-time data on their carbon emissions.

Collaboration first

Work securely, transparently and efficiently with your suppliers. Suppliers consent to the data they want to share

Easy to use

FashionChain guarantees quick and smooth adoption through the user-friendly web application by guiding users step by step on their carbon footprint.

Become compliant

The FashionChain solution helps your organization comply with ethical and sustainability initiatives and regulations.

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